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Pediatric CPAP Masks

This type of mask was specifically designed for children and individuals with petite facial features.  Below you will find both nasal and full face masks available in petite sizes.  Click here for more information on Pediatric CPAP Masks. 

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The FlexiFit 406 Nasal CPAP Mask was specially designed to fit smaller faces. 


This tubing is 15mm in diameter and is compatible with your Breeze Sleepgear CPAP masks.... (read more)


The Pixi™ Pediatric Nasal CPAP mask is designed for children of various ages and features an emergency latch for removal and a soft, s... (read more)


The FitLife Full Face CPAP mask is the only mask on the market that covers the entire outer perimeter of your face, eliminating any pressure... (read more)


The Small Child Profile Lite Nasal Gel CPAP mask is designed for children weighing over 15 pounds and over the age of one year.  It has... (read more)


Finally a mask made for children! SleepNet's MiniMe pediatric mask (covering just the nose) is the professionals' choice for pediatric appli... (read more)

What are Pediatric CPAP Masks?

Our pediatric CPAP masks and headgear are for petite people or children who require CPAP therapy. The masks come in nasal and full face styles and either automatically come with specially sized pediatric headgear or the option to purchase the headgear. These masks provide the same quality CPAP therapy, but in a size more comfortable for smaller people. All pediatric masks are compatible with all machines and are connected to the CPAP machine by a flexible hose. The mask should fit comfortably and seal completely without leaving red marks or causing soreness. It is suggested that mask cushions be replaced approximately every three months or when they begin to lose their shape or ability to seal well. It is also suggested that the entire mask be replaced every six months or when it begins to leak, rip, or fit uncomfortably. Also, the mask should be washed daily with warm water and gentle soap or baby shampoo and air dried. We suggest using CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct Mask Wipes or Quality CPAP Mask Cleanser spray as a safe and hassle-free solution for cleaning your mask each day.