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Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine

Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine
Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine

The Zzz-PAP machine is one of the smallest and quietest machines on the market, making it ideal for travel.

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Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine

Manufacturer: Probasics

Content of Package: Zzz-PAPCPAP Machine, Power Cord, Initial Filters, 6' CPAP tubing, Travel Bag, Instructions

Description: The Zzz-PAP machine boasts as one of the smallest and quietest machines on the market.  Even with its small size, this machine has all the features of larger machines, including ramp pressure adjustment and a universal power supply.  The small size makes this machine ideal for travel, especially with the included travel bag.  The optional integrated heated humidifier moistens and warms the air you breathe, ensuring comfort throughout the night.

Specifications for Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine

Pressure Range - 4 - 18cm H2O
Starting Ramp Pressure - 4 to CPAP Pressure
Weight - 800 Grams
Altitude Compensation - Manual
DC Power - No
Ramp Time - 0 - 45Minutes
Dimensions - 5.7" x 5.1" x 3.9"
Data Storage - Hour Meter
Electrical Requirements - 100 - 240 AC
Warranty - 2 Years

Product Reviews for Probasics Zzz-PAP CPAP Machine


I purchased my Probasics cpap machine second hand, four years ago and it has run like a dream continually ever since.
It has travelled with me many times, even from Australia to South Africa last year, and not failed me until today after a bus trip up country, I didn't realise it had water in the humidifier when I packed it.
The water leaked out and when I switched it on tonight it blew out. Darn my carelessness.
I want a knew one the same.

- Mark Grant , Australia

Submitted on November 15, 2014

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