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Respironics Deluxe Headgear

Respironics Deluxe Headgear Respironics Deluxe Headgear
Respironics Deluxe Headgear

This headgear is intended to be paired with a wide variety of Respironics CPAP masks.

Part Number: 1002800

x $17.95 $36.99

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Respironics Deluxe Headgear

Manufacturer: Respironics

Content of Package: Respironics Deluxe Headgear

Description: This headgear is compatible with the following masks:

  • Profile Lite
  • ComfortGel
  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal
  • Comfort Classic
  • Contour Deluxe
  • Comfort Select
  • ComfortFull 2
  • ComfortGel Full

Product Reviews for Respironics Deluxe Headgear


The versatility of this mask was a great help. Having headgear that can be paired with a plethora of masks makes change easy and I appreciated that because I have a hard time committing to one mask.

- Robert , Boise, Idaho

Submitted on June 4, 2014

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