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Tubing delivers the pressurized air from the CPAP machine to the mask, allowing for treatment.  Various types of tubing are available depending on the patient’s specific needs.  To find out more about CPAP Tubing, click here.  

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This CPAP tubing is used with the Respironics LX humidifier and cannot be used with any other machine.



This CPAP tubing is made of a lightweight material which allows greater movement and a less intrusive CPAP experience. 



This CPAP tubing features a slimmer profile, allowing your tubing greater movement and you less disruptions while sleeping.



This CPAP tubing is a smoothbore tubing, allowing a quieter therapy experience and less resistance thanks to silicone-rubber cuffs.


This feather weight CPAP tubing is a 1.5ft extension to your CPAP tubing, connecting between your tubing and mask.  

$14.99 $26.00

This 6ft pressure line tubing is used along with your regular tubing on some CPAP machines.



This dark grey CPAP tubing is available in 1.5, 6, 8, or 10ft lengths.  It features durable, high-quality silicone ends that fit snugly... (read more)

$7.99 $19.00

This 6ft pressure line tubing is used along with your regular tubing on some CPAP machines. 

$4.95 $9.99


This standard, 6ft CPAP tubing works with any of your favorite CPAP machines and masks thanks to its standard 22mm end cuffs.

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What is CPAP Tubing?

CPAP tubing (also called a CPAP hose) connects the CPAP machine or humidifier to the CPAP mask or connects the machine to the humidifier. Most machines come with standard six foot tubing, but many other types are available. The standard hose connects the mask to the machine and comes in 6, 8, and 10 foot lengths as well as in lighter materials that are more flexible.  This tubing is universal and will fit on all masks and all machines. Heated hoses contain copper coils that keep the hose heated to a constant temperature. This helps to prevent water from collecting in the tubing (this is called rainout). These can only be used with certain machines. Humidifier hoses connect the CPAP machine to a humidifier and are smaller than other hoses (18 or 24 inches). If water collects in your hose, you should detach it and hang it to air dry. Water left in the tubing can cause bacteria and mold to accumulate if it is not dried out daily, which could lead to health problems. It is also recommended that all tubing be replaced once a year or sooner if it begins to dry out and crack.