A Little Known CPAP Product...

May 20, 2013

One of the most ingenious accessories in conjunction with CPAP therapy is the SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve. Many patients report having problems with usability after turning on the CPAP machine and placing the mask on their face. If patients want to take a sip of water, or talk to a loved one after the machine has started circulating air, the CPAP mask generally will obstruct these actions. This problem is primarily associated with Full Face masks, since it covers the mouth due to the design of the mask.

The SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve acts as an intermediary connection between the tubing and mask. With the flip of a switch, it blocks air access to the mask without triggering any leak alerts, allowing the patient to temporarily remove or lift up the mask. The manufacturer, SleepSense, has provided a helpful, informational video to demonstrate the usefulness of the product. Continuous small improvements such as the Valve are raising the standard of CPAP comfort and accessibility for many patients.

A YouTube video of the SleepSense EZ Talk Valve can be found by clicking on the link. CPAP Wholesale always has the Talk Valves in stock and will ship the order the same day.