Benefits of Natural Lighting in an Office

Aug 19, 2014

Working an office job can sometimes make it hard to experience any light other than artificial light. But you should try and find natural lighting as much as you can during your work day because there are much more benefits than you may think. Employees with windows in the workplace receive on average 173% more expose to white light in one day and sleep 46 minutes more each night. Studies have also shown that office workers with natural lighting are able to accomplish more physical activity than those without. Exposure to light especially in the morning has been shown to put you in a better mood. Obtaining light in the office is the responsibility of many parties.

Employees should try and get an office closest to natural light. When companies are choosing a building for their employees to work they should consider the increased productivity and benefits they would receive from designing the office in such a way that natural light is an option. This all then stems back to architects designing buildings that are full of windows and skylights so that natural light flows in and motivates office workers.