Whisper Soft Nasal Mask

May 13, 2013

CPAP Wholesale is pleased to announce that it will now be carrying the Whisper Soft Nasal and Full Face CPAP masks. These new masks are an affordable, high quality option for patients undergoing Sleep Apnea therapy. Compatible with any machine and tubing combination, these masks offer the patient a perfect seal to provide a quality night's treatment. The forehead pads are completely adjustable, vertically and horizontally, and all of the replacement parts are easily replaceable. The perfect tubing companion combination would ideally be the CPAP Wholesale Lightweight Gray Tubing to provide flexibility and comfort during the night.

The manufacturer has provided an easy to follow, quality instructional video with the steps to replace the CPAP cushion that can be found here. All orders will ship same day as long as the order is placed before 4pm Central Standard Time, and all orders with a subtotal of $99 or more will ship free inside of the continental United States. All Whisper Soft masks will ship with a free CPAP Wash Bag that is included inside the packaging, allowing a convenient solution to wash the Nasal or Full Face mask inside of the dishwasher. Similarly, the wash bag can be used to wash headgear or a chinstrap inside of the washer and dryer, eliminating the possibility of snag with the velcro attachments that typically accompany such products. There is a three month warranty against broken or defective masks and it is 100% made n the USA.

Try out the Whisper Soft CPAP mask today and feel the positive difference from a quality night's sleep!