Gender and Sleep Apnea: Is there a connection?

Jun 5, 2014

There is a strong link between stroke and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Studies have displayed that Men tend to develop OSA at a younger age than women. This data would make one believe that OSA is then more likely to occur in men. The combating evidence displays that the risk of stroke is equal in both men and women. The greater stroke risk that is associated with OSA is not actually tied to gender contrary to prior belief.

What this means is that women cannot be ruled out of research studies of cardiovascular disease and treatment. Further studies will need to be done in order to take preventative measures against strokes. These studies will need to include research from women as opposed to just men. Treating your OSA is a main way to stay healthy and to avoid having a stroke. Gender does not help or harm your chances of avoiding a stroke thus nobody is immune to needing to treat their OSA.