Is Your Nightly Workout Affecting Your Sleep?

Apr 23, 2014

Many people don’t like having to wake up earlier than they need to, making them squeeze in their workout before going to sleep. If you’re one of those people, you may have heard that exercising before you turn in for the night can make falling asleep more difficult. The increased heart rate and body temperature were once thought to cause too much excitement to allow sleep shortly after, but luckily, a new study has helped to answer this age-old question.

It turns out that for most people, exercising late at night has little to no effect on their ability to fall asleep. In fact, most studies show that any physical activity, no matter what time, actually helps you fall asleep more quickly and stay more soundly asleep. Some people, however, are more affected by the physical excitement that comes with exercise, so if you find you are someone who has a more difficult time falling asleep after exercise you may want to ensure it’s a few hours before your usual bedtime. Read the full article here.