Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and care supplies keep your CPAP therapy equipment clean and keep you and your airways happy and healthy.  We carry a number of items meant to ease your transition into CPAP therapy, as well as create a more comfortable environment so you can sleep soundly.  Be sure to visit the bottom of this page for more detailed information about our products and a few tips to create a long lifespan for your equipment.


Our products cover a broad range of categories to help you find what will comfort you best.  Aromatherapy products can help relax you so you can fall asleep longer, while our mask comfort products can keep you asleep soundly by eliminating any discomfort that could cause you to wake.  Our cleaning products are sure to keep your equipment as clean as possible, allowing you to maintain a healthy CPAP environment.  It is recommended that you clean your CPAP equipment as frequently as you can.


Aromatherapy Selection


Aromatherapy used in conjunction with your CPAP therapy can create a more pleasant and relaxing experience. It can also help new CPAP users get used to their equipment faster

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Cleaning Selection


Cleaning your CPAP system is an important way to insure it will maintain proper function.  Routine cleaning can extend the life of such products and increase the quality of CPAP therapy, as unremoved residue can cause leaks and additional equipment breakdown.  CPAP therapy is much more beneficial with the purchase of cleansing products to maintain a clean therapy environment.

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Mask Comfort Selection

Mask Comfort

Mask comfort products are meant to provide you with an extra layer of comfort around your face. Mask wraps fit around parts of the mask or headgear so that a soft fabric is touching your face rather than plastic or neoprene. Mask liners and nasal pads provide a softer touch to lessen irritation and an extra barrier against particle buildup on your mask. Let these products and more take your CPAP therapy to a more comfortable level.

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Mask Liners Selection

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Personal Comfort Selection

Personal Comfort

The side effects of Sleep Apnea are not only felt by the one diagnosed with the condition, but also their partner.  Personal Comfort products consider both the patient and their partner.  From specially contoured CPAP pillows to ear plugs for your partner, personal comfort is not something that those with, or have partners with, sleep apnea have to compromise on.

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Tubing Comfort Selection

Tubing Comfort

Tubing connects the CPAP mask and machine and is an essential part of your CPAP therapy.  Although tubing is necessary, while sleeping it can become tangled or repeatedly rub up against the skin.  Tubing comfort can help you with both of those problems as there are soft hose wraps along with hose lifts for comfort.  This removes the hose entirely from the sleeping area and these options will greatly help you become better accustomed to your CPAP device.

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Types of Items for Sale




Aromatherapy uses relaxing scents to transport you to a calmer state, allowing relaxation and a deep sleep.  These products allow you to create the most soothing environment possible, easing your transition into CPAP therapy and making you more comfortable than you ever thought you could be.  While some people find scents like black cherry or french vanilla, others prefer clearer scents like rosa, fresh, or calm.  Whatever you prefer, our aromatherapy products are sure to suit your needs and ferry you into a restful sleep.




Cleaning your CPAP equipment is one of the most important ways you can benefit most from your therapy.  By cleaning regularly, you remove any germs or particulate matter that can cause irritation or illness, creating the healthiest environment possible.  Not only are you helping your health, but also your wallet because cleaning your equipment can often lengthen its lifespan considerably.  We carry a number of products to clean every bit of your CPAP equipment, from your mask to your tubing to your machine, helping everything run smoothly.  These products are free of lotions and antibiotics, as these substances can actually decay your equipment.  With so many options, you are sure to find something that will have a positive impact on your therapy.


Mask Comfort


Having an uncomfortable mask can really have a negative impact on your therapy and your sleep.  Our mask comfort section has products that can help you sleep better by ridding you of any irritation your mask can cause.  Products like mask liners are perfect for anyone whose mask slips due to oil buildup, or anyone who simply likes to keep their mask extra clean.  Ultra comfortable gel pads can be placed between the mask and face to create a comfortable and cushy barrier while still keeping a tight seal; the best of both worlds!  A comfy mask means a restful night’s sleep, so check out these products to keep on dreaming.


Personal Comfort


Our personal comfort products are meant not only for the CPAP user, but also their partner.  While some people find CPAP therapy can limit their sleep position options, our comfortable selection of pillows allows you to sleep however you’d like.  Other products like moisturizers help eliminate any skin dryness so you can wake up feeling your best.  Don’t forget that your therapy can also affect your partner’s quality of sleep!  Have them check out our ear plugs and face masks to ensure they sleep soundly and are not disturbed by therapy.  We do our best to offer greater comfort to you and your partner so you can both sleep soundly.


Tubing Comfort


Tubing is a necessary component of your CPAP therapy, but it can sometimes cause irritating problems.  If you struggle with tugging from your tubing during the night, we have a wide range of products meant to stabilize it.  Tubing clips can be used to anchor your tubing onto your bed, while hose lifts hold it above your head to eliminate tugging all together.  If rainout is the problem, consider purchasing a tube jacket.  It helps to better control the temperature of your tubing to eliminate moisture buildup that can cause sleep disturbances.  Whatever the problem with your tubing is, you’re sure to find a solution in our tubing comfort section.