CPAP Accessories

We carry a number of products to improve the comfort of you and your partner, give more information regarding sleep apnea, and expand the travel capacity of your CPAP equipment.  Keep reading to learn more about the products you can find here and their benefits, even greater detail is provided at the bottom of the webpage.


Battery packs and sine wave inverters allow you to run your CPAP machine using battery power and charge the battery packs with your car battery. The inverters also make it possible to recharge mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, and iPods using a car battery or CPAP battery pack. Put all of that in a travel pack that fits in your suitcase and taking your CPAP therapy equipment with you is surprisingly easy. While at home, products such as hose lifts, multi-mask sleep aids, gel pads, hose covers, manometers, and bacteria filters maintain optimal performance of your equipment and optimal comfort and health for you.  Furthermore, ear plugs, sleep masks, and specialty CPAP pillows can help you and your partner have an entire night of deep sleep while informational books can help you understand and live with Sleep Apnea.

Manometers Selection


To ensure the best possible therapy for Sleep Apnea before sending a machine to a customer, technicians set their pressure per the prescription.  You can now check your own pressure with a handheld manometer to make sure your CPAP machine is delivering the proper pressure and performing at its appropriate settings. 

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Power Solutions Selection

Power Solutions

With the new power solutions you’ll never have to be without therapy again.  We offer a variety of portable power solutions for activities such as car chargers, replacement cords and battery packs.  With our power solutions, you can take your CPAP machine nearly anywhere! 

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Software Selection


With the new technological advancements in CPAP therapy patients can now track their own sleep data.  This allows for physicians to request that patients provide data concerning their nighttime apneas and hypopneas.  Almost all major manufacturers offer data software that can process data that the CPAP machine captures, ensuring the most effective and personalized therapy possible.

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Travel Selection


There are additional accessories available such as travel bags that make transporting your machine problem free.  Travel supplies will help you stay organized and also allow you to quickly pack up your things when going on a trip!

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Types of Items for Sale




Manometers are devices that can be used to measure the pressure output of your CPAP machine.  They measure it relative to the atmospheric pressure, so your pressure reading may be different depending on your altitude.  These devices at one time were mainly used by physicians to set the pressure of older machines without automatic pressure adjustment, and they are still used to ensure your machine is delivering the pressure that its pressure reading says.  Now, however, you can use them at home to make sure your machine is working properly.  Manometers are a great way to keep check on your machine, as a pressure output decrease can be the sign of a failing machine.


Power Solutions


Our power solutions category contains traditional and nontraditional power options to run your CPAP equipment.  Traditional options include replacement power cords, which are often specific to one or a few machines.  We carry many alternative power solutions so you can keep up your active lifestyle and not let therapy keep you indoors.  Some machines can be powered by battery packs that last one or several nights, while others have cigarette lighter adapters that allow you to power your machine from your car or boat.  Regardless of where you like to go, there is sure to be a power option that works best for your favorite travels.




Nearly all CPAP machines made in the last several years come equipped with some sort of software.  Whether it be simple in-machine data storage or something more complex, software is a great way to stay informed about the effectiveness of your therapy.  It can also allow your doctor to notice important changes that could result in a pressure change for you.  Some machines can be used along with external software to transfer the data stored on your machine to a computer, allowing easier access for review.  This category contains software options for some of your CPAP machines.




You don’t have to let CPAP therapy keep you from doing what you love.  Our travel options make it easy to keep all of your equipment organized and in one place, allowing stress-free travels.  Being able to easily access all of your equipment helps you worry about therapy less by keeping you organized, allowing you to enjoy your time away.  This category has discrete carrying cases that are ideal for anyone on the go.  Many carrying cases have enough room for your mask, machine, tubing, and even a few other accessories you like to bring with.  Be sure to check out our power solutions category too, these two go great together!