CPAP Group Mask Wipes

CPAP Group Mask Wipes

CPAP Group Mask Wipes

These mask wipes will help you to keep oil buildup from gathering on your mask.  And to keep it clean in general.  

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CPAP Group Mask Wipes

Manufacturer: CPAP Group

Content of Package: CPAP Group Mask Wipes (40 count per container)

Description: This product is available in a one pack or a twelve pack. These mask wipes help to remove anything that may be left behind on your mask such as oils and residue.  These wipes reduce bacteria build-up and promote better health.   Our wipes remove oils, dirt, grease, and are safe to use on a variety of products such as masks, accessories, tubing and more.  These odor free wipes leave your equipment clean and fresh, allowing you to focus on what is most important - your sleep. These wipes are suitable for daily cleaning.  They are: Alcohol Free, Latex Free and Fragrance Free

Product Reviews for CPAP Group Mask Wipes


I love these cpap wipes, they work well and they do not have any smell to them.
It's a great product.
I buy them all the time.

- cathy J

Submitted on April 18, 2017

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