CPAP Mask Stand

CPAP Mask Stand CPAP Mask Stand CPAP Mask Stand

CPAP Mask Stand

The AG Industries CPAP Mask Stand provides a convenient method for storing your mask after a night of sleep therapy. The sleek mask stand is created to hold virtually all CPAP masks and occupy minimal space on your bed side table.  

Part Number: AG-CLN-STAND

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CPAP Mask Stand

The CPAP Mask Stand works by balancing the CPAP mask on adjustable arms.  The wide base will prevent the mask from falling over, and conveniently allows a full proof way to dry the mask after washing and maintenance.  The mask will hang from the adjustable hooks, providing full air circulation to maintain hygiene and functionality.  Weighing less than 4oz and standing 10 inches tall, you will barely notice the small footprint while experiencing the benefits of convenience.  

*Mask stand does not include CPAP Mask

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