CPAP Masks

Sleep apnea therapy masks are now offered in more varieties than ever before.  Now regardless of how you breathe when you sleep, there is a mask for you.  Take a look at the bottom of this page for a better idea of our mask selection, and to see which option will be best for you.


For those that use their nose to breathe during sleep a nasal mask will probably work best for you, but for those who prefer an even smaller mask there are also nasal pillow masks which are the newest masks and gaining popularity fast. Full face masks are for those who breathe through both mouth and nose during sleep.  We also carry oral masks for those that breathe primarily through their mouth when sleeping.  And we offer pediatric masks for those with smaller faces and children.  CPAP masks are growing in comfort and variety over the past few years.  Masks are now available in varieties that are sure to comfort those in need of sleep apnea therapy.

Nasal Masks Selection

Nasal Masks

Nasal Masks have a triangular shape and are the most commonly purchased CPAP masks.  A nasal mask conceals the bridge of the nose and lies against the upper lip. Offered in silicone, gel, or cloth, nasal masks have great customer satisfaction making them the most popular mask and a great option for your CPAP therapy.

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Full Face Masks Selection

Full Face Masks

For mouth breathers, a Full Face Mask is the best option as it conceals the nose and entire mouth in a triangular or ovular shape.  This type of mask is usually available in gel or silicone.  If you are looking for a mask with the most coverage possible, a CPAP full face mask is your best option for effective therapy.

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Nasal Pillow Masks Selection

Nasal Pillow Masks

The nasal pillow mask is the smallest mask available for your CPAP therapy.  The nasal pillow mask is gaining popularity thanks to its small size, as it covers the base of the nose only and is usually available with a comfortable gel cushion.  The nasal pillow CPAP mask is for those who desire a smaller mask with the most streamlined design possible.

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Oral Masks Selection

Oral Masks

This type of mask only covers the mouth only.  The oral mask seals itself against the inner and outer lip and air enters through the mouth.  A heated humidifier is recommended with this mask to avoid any discomfort from airway drying during Sleep Apnea therapy.  Oral CPAP masks are recommended for those who breathe primarily through their mouth while sleeping. 

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Pediatric Masks Selection

Pediatric Masks

For children and individuals with petite facial features, the pediatric CPAP mask works best.  The pediatric masks are available in models that range from covering the entire face to just the nose.  Pediatric CPAP masks satisfy a variety of desired styles to adjust for different levels of comfort, making it easy for your child to adjust. 

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Mask Kits Selection

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Mask Parts Selection

Mask Parts

There are a variety of replacement parts and improvements available for all types of CPAP masks.  The products range from swivel tubing to added cushions.  In order to benefit the most from your CPAP device, it is recommended you browse through the mask parts to ensure no comfort is overlooked.

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Types of Masks for Sale


Nasal CPAP Masks


For those that breathe only through their nose during sleep, a nasal mask is one of the best options.  They are smaller than their full face mask counterpart since only the nose needs to be covered. You can use the nasal CPAP mask with a chin strap that ensures your is mouth closed during the night, routing the air through your nose as opposed to your mouth to avoid any pressure leaks.  These masks offer a clearer line of sight and a comfortable design that many people find to be comforting.  Nasal masks are by far the most popular option since patients tend to like the low-profile design and extensive variety of options offered.

Full Face CPAP Masks


Full face CPAP masks are intended for patients who breathe through both the mouth and nose during sleep.  The mask covers the larger area of the nose and mouth to allow you to breathe comfortably.  This mask is popular among patients because they feel that they can breath more freely and are not restricted to just breathing one way.  These masks tend to be a bit more costly due to their versatility, but patients who order full face masks once usually stick with them.  

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks


Nasal pillow masks feature small and comfortable nasal pillows that rest in the nostrils to keep your airway open.  As this mask only rests against the opening of the nose, it boasts the smallest design of any of the CPAP mask options.  The streamlined design makes it possible to continue wearing glasses, talk, or take a sip of water without needing to remove your mask, making this mask a great option for maintaining the most non intrusive lifestyle possible.  Similarly to nasal masks, a chinstrap is often needed to hold the mouth closed to avoid pressure leaks.  The small and light-weight design makes nasal pillow masks a great option for any patient.



Oral CPAP Masks


Oral masks are the newest design on the CPAP market, perfect for anyone who breathes primarily through the mouth.  Air passes directly through the mouth, making oral masks unique.  This design eliminates the need for a chinstrap and creates a seal between the outer and inner lip.  A large number of patients who wear glasses often prefer wearing this mask since there is no obstruction of the upper face.  If you choose to use an oral CPAP mask, you may also consider using nasal plugs to avoid any air pressure leaking through the nose.  The innovative design of the oral mask is a comfortable option for a number of users.


CPAP Pediatric Masks


Although it is surprising, many children have Obstructive Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders that can require a mask.  On top of regular, adult sized CPAP masks, CPAP Wholesale provides smaller, pediatric CPAP masks to ensure that all members of society are getting the good night’s sleep they need.  In this area, you will find many of popular masks that many users enjoy, but in a smaller size to fit a child’s frame.  Additionally, adults with petite facial structures commonly benefit from this type of mask due to the fact that it provides a better seal which is important in CPAP therapy.  

CPAP Mask Parts


CPAP masks are made up of a plethora of parts, and through wear and general use, these parts have the ability to break or wear out.  There are replacement CPAP mask parts for all parts of the mask including cushions, forehead pads, frames, and nasal pillows, allowing you to replace a part instead of purchasing a new mask.  Each mask and manufacturer will have varying types of mask parts, with a level of interchangeability.