CPAP Tubing

Tubing is a necessary component for delivering effective CPAP therapy.  By connecting your machine to your mask, your tubing is what delivers the pressurized air necessary for therapy.  Take a look at the bottom of the page for more detailed information on the different tubing products we offer.

While traditional tubing was a simple hose with not many other features, there are now a wide variety of tubing options to choose from.  Standard tubing is still available, but we also carry tubing that is able to adjust your therapy to your surroundings for a more comfortable experience.  Other tubing accessories such as connectors and adapters can help you add greater personalization to your CPAP experience.

Tubing Selection


CPAP Wholesale carries a wide variety of tubing for your CPAP therapy.  Lightweight, standard, and other specialized tubings are all available.  Check out our selection of CPAP tubing!

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Connectors and Adapters Selection

Connectors and Adapters

Connectors and adapters can help extend the lifespan of your hoses by keeping these silicone cuffs from breaking down. They are small parts that connect the end of your tubing to your CPAP machine and mask and there are many different kinds. Explore our variety of tubing connectors.

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Types of Products for Sale




There are a few different types of tubing that you can use with your machine, but all are able to effectively connect your mask and machine for effective therapy.  Some of the tubing options are only compatible with certain machines, so take this into consideration when browsing.  Most tubing comes in 6 foot lengths, but there are extensions available if needed.  Doctors recommend that you do not have a tubing length greater than 10 feet, as this can cause a decrease in pressure which could compromise the integrity of your therapy pressure.  Which type of tubing you choose will help you sleep more comfortably.


Standard tubing is the industry standard.  It doesn’t feature any heating or climate control, so it is often best for arid environments that don’t require as much adjustment.  Many people purchase a tube jacket with this type of tubing, as it can help buffer the temperature difference between the inside and outside of your tubing to help eliminate rainout.


Climate controlled tubing has a few different names, but they all are able to adjust the temperature of your therapy air.  By sensing the temperature of your environment, climate controlled tubing can adjust the temperature of your tubing to eliminate moisture buildup so you are not disturbed while sleeping.  These tubes are best for areas with temperature changes, as it eliminates the need for you to adjust your machine manually.


Connectors and Adapters


Connectors and adapters help you customize your CPAP therapy tubing for greater comfort.  Connectors help to connect multiple tubing lengths if you need a longer hose.  It is recommended that you do not have tubing greater than 10 feet in length, as this can cause pressure variations that negatively affect your therapy.  Adapters help connect your machine and tubing to allow you to use a different type of tubing than what came with your machine originally.  These products help you choose all of the components of therapy to find what suits you best.