Cpap Auto Machine

Cpap Auto Machine

Frequently Asked Questions About The CPAP Auto Machine

A CPAP auto machine provides its users with a wide range of benefits and if you find yourself struggling to use a more traditional machine, a CPAP auto machine makes life much easier. While these machines are undeniably useful, they also come with a number of frequently asked questions that keep us from being able to properly utilize them.

These questions are certainly understandable, as the auto machine is far more advanced than the traditional mode. The time has come for a closer look at the most commonly asked questions about the CPAP auto machine, so that you can finally separate fact from fiction.

1. Why Are These Machines Preferable?

Many users find it far easier to breathe with these machines than their more traditional counterparts and for good reason. The pressure that is provided by these machines naturally changes as needed and the sleeper always receives the precise amount of air that they need in order to sleep peacefully. While the pressure settings on a regular machine can only be placed on one particular setting, those who use auto machines experience a much higher rate of variance when it comes to these matters.

2. Do These Machines Use Filters?

Every machine of this type uses a filter and when you use an auto machine for your CPAP needs, these machines come with a filter that is made of foam and is typically washable. If you require additional filtration, some machines allow you to add an extra filter that is made of paper and is completely disposable. The cleaning and changing of said filters is the only true maintenance that these machines require.

3. How Often Do I Need To Clean These Filters?

If the filters for your machine have become discolored, this is a sure sign that they are in need of some cleaning. It is recommended for owners of an auto machine to rinse their foam filters on a weekly basis with the use of clear running water. Before they are placed back inside of the machine, it is best to allow them to air dry.

Those who use a machine inside of a more dusty environment may need to clean their machine on a far more frequent basis. Bacteria filters and disposable filters should not be cleaned and need to be swapped out instead.

4. What Travel Tips Do I Need To Know?

You are allowed to travel with your CPAP auto machine in tow, but there are a few important tips to remember. First of all, you must remove all of the water from the chamber that holds the humidifier. You must also accompany the machine during your security scan.

Planning your specific power needs ahead of time is crucial and in order to make it through your security clearance more easily, you must identify the machine as a piece of medical equipment. A medical alert card should help to grease the wheels a bit and as long as you pack your power cord and bring up any back up parts you need, all should be well for the duration of your journey.


Cpap Auto Machine
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