Cpap Bipap Machine

Cpap Bipap Machine

The Benefits Of A CPAP BiPAP Machine

CPAP patients who have special requirements that cannot be fulfilled with the traditional equipment benefit greatly from the implementation of a BiPAP machine. These breathing devices utilize bi level air pressure and patients who are experiencing especially problematic sleep apnea that is obstructive and centralized benefit greatly.

These machines deliver a higher level of air pressure as the patient breathes in and a lower level as the patient breathes out. Patients who fail CPAP therapy are often prescribed these machines, as well as those who suffer from severe sleep apnea or central sleep apnea. Let's take a closer look at the benefits that a CPAP BiPAP machine has to offer.

Relief of Pressure and Discomfort

Patients who feel an abnormal amount of pressure and discomfort when they are in the process of exhalation tend to benefit greatly from the usage of a CPAP BiPAP machine. Thanks to the lower pressure that is experienced during respiration, the patient's breathing becomes far less labored and they are able to sleep through the night without any sort of additional difficulties.

Treatment of Ventilation Impairment

Patients who suffer primarily from this form of impairment are given these treatments and these machines are typically prescribed to obese patients. Central sleep apnea that does not respond to a more garden variety CPAP treatment may be lessened with the usage of these machines and adult respiratory distress syndrome also responds well to these treatments.

Better Compliance Rates

Patients often struggle to comply with the course of treatment that is given to them for a number of different reasons. In some cases, it is because the regimen is considered to be uncomfortable and in other cases, it is because the machinery that they are prescribed does not cater to their specific needs.

A patient's treatment regimen is only as effective as their willingness to adhere to it and CPAP BiPAP machines are a great way to reduce discomfort and make the process easier, so that patients who are struggling to comply can remain vigilant and committed to the process.

C-Flex Technology

This new form of technology makes life much easier for patients who are experiencing unique airflow needs. Thanks to the advent of C-flex technology, the patient's specific needs are considered, so that they receive the precise amount of air pressure that they need in order to prevent unwanted airway collapse.

According to recent studies, this technology has proven instrumental in making sure that patients adhere to the course of treatment that their doctor prescribes. BiPAP therapy is one of the best ways to cure sleep apnea in patients who are unable to utilize more traditional methods and with technological advances like these, it is certainly understandable.

If you are experiencing sleep apnea that does not respond to normal forms of therapy, it is time to make a serious change in your life and embrace the benefits that a CPAP machine designed to assist patients with more severe forms of this disorder. Be sure to consult your physician to find out more about how these machines can work for you.


Cpap Bipap Machine
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