Cpap Full Face Mask

Cpap Full Face Mask

4 Reasons Why You Should Select A CPAP Full Face Mask

When it comes time to select a CPAP full face mask that is able to remedy your sleep apnea, the process can seem intimidating, as there so many different masks to choose from. This vast selection often makes it tough to make an informed choice and your decision will depend on the shape of the mask that you need and your sleeping style.

These masks are favored by sleep apnea patients who typically breathe through their mouth while sleeping and the CPAP full face mask is the best place to commence your search for the proper mask. To find out more about the best reasons for choosing a CPAP full face mask, be sure to continue reading.....

Reduced Strain On The Nasal Passage

While there are some who find the two other common forms of CPAP masks to be most comfortable because of where they rest on the face, there are those who wish to reduce the strain that is being placed on their nasal passages. When a mask causes a sleep apnea patient to experience excessive amounts of discomfort, this can cause a lack of adherence to their prescribed regimen. The more discomfort you can eliminate with your choice of mask, the better off you will be over the long haul.

Added Sleeping Comfort

If you are someone who breathes through their mouth when they sleep as the result of sleep apnea, CPAP full face masks are definitely the best choice that you can possibly make for your level of sleeping comfort. Other face masks cannot provide the same benefits for the mouth breathing patient and by taking the time to select the mask that is designed to offer the highest possible level of sleeping comfort, they can avoid the difficulties associated with choosing the wrong mask.

Perfect For Stomach and Side Sleepers

While the other masks that are currently available to those who are undergoing CPAP treatments are best used for sleeping on your back, the full face mask is perfect for patients who prefer to sleep on their stomach or their side. This allows the face mask to remain snug and secure throughout the course of the night and keeps the patient from having to wake up during the middle of the night to refasten their CPAP equipment, which just so happens to lead us directly into our final reason for selecting these masks....

Assisting Restless Sleepers Who Toss and Turn

Those who toss and turn a lot while they sleep often struggle to find the best face mask for their purposes, since their movements inadvertently cause the mask to become insecure during the night. When this happens, air leakage takes place and the patient is unable to experience the full benefits of the therapy regimen that the doctor has prescribed. Thanks to the CPAP full face mask, patients who are more restless sleepers and cannot achieve the full effects of their treatment with a nasal pillow mask or nasal mask can now experience the same benefits as their counterparts.


Cpap Full Face Mask
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