Cpap Tubing

Cpap Tubing

Check Out These Crucial CPAP Tubing Tips

While some might fall under the false belief that CPAP tubing is a minor component of their equipment, CPAP tubing plays a very instrumental role in the functionality of the machinery that you are going to be using and neglecting its importance is a decision that you will one day come to regret.

For starters, you must check with your insurance provider to find out more about their policies when it comes to the maintenance of your CPAP machine and its tubing. Once you have spoken to your insurance company and brought yourself up to speed, the following three components are the next areas that you need to be fully aware of.

Timely Replacement of Tubing

The tubing for your machine might look very sturdy and while it may seem like it cannot be compromised, it is more delicate than it appears to be and must be handled with extreme care and caution. This tubing can experience damage without you even realizing it and when the tubing becomes corrupted, air begins to escape throughout the course of the night.

Most of us will notice when the tubing is not clean, but precious few patients have the ability to discern when tubing has been damaged. If you would like to find holes that are typically not discernible by the naked eye, turn your machine on and slowly run your fingers down the tubing. If you can feel even the slightest amount of air escaping, this is a sign the tubing needs replacement.

Determination of Accuracy

The majority of CPAP tubing is roughly six feet long and some patients may decide that they would rather opt for longer tubing to make their lives easier. This offers them increased freedom of movement during the night, but it can also cause issues when it comes to determining the level of accuracy that the machine is able to provide to the user.

The longer the length of the tubing, the more likely you are to experience problems with accuracy. Patients who are considering connecting two existing six foot tubes might think that they are truly onto something, but this is not something that any reputable physician would ever recommend. Discuss the length of your tubing in depth before making a final decision.

Establishing Comfort

Obese patients who struggle to establish a proper comfort level will be given a weight loss and exercise regimen to follow by their trusted physician and while this should help some patients who cannot get comfortable when using a CPAP machine to assist them in their sleeping cycle, what about those who are of a more average size?

For those who still need assistance, there are now tubing lifts that are designed to remedy their discomfort. These accessories are very inexpensive and allow you to move your tubing in whatever direction you need to throughout the night, so that you are not left dealing with the annoyance of tangled tubes that keep you from getting the night of sleep that you deserve.


Cpap Tubing
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