4 Frequently Asked Questions About CPAP Filters

cpap filtersIf you are the owner of a CPAP machine, then you are probably well aware of the importance of maintaining your machine. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of maintaining these machines are the CPAP filters. Those who do not change their CPAP filters on a regular basis are placing themselves at serious risk of various complications.

Not only does changing these filters allow the machine to function at its best, but it also allows the user to enjoy some much needed peace of mind. While most of us are already well aware of this fact, there are some other frequently asked questions about CPAP filters that need to be addressed.

Let's take a closer look at the following questions so that there is zero confusion going forward...

1) What Do These Filters Do?

The filters serve as a way to keep your machine protected at all times and by replacing them regularly, you ensure that your respiratory system remains protected as well. The air from the room where you are sleeping is filtered through the system and pressurized upon delivery. This allows your airway to remain open while you are sleeping. Since a CPAP machine may also suck up other contaminating agents in the room, it is important to maintain your CPAP filters over the course of time.

2) What Types of Filters Are Available?

There are two main types of filters for CPAP machine owners to utilize. You can use disposable filters or non disposable filters and while most of the filters you will find have been made from materials that are disposable, the choices that you make will depend on your personal needs. Speak with a doctor to find out which filtration is best for you and be sure to check your monthly budget as well.

3) When Should I Be Replacing My Filters?

Regularly changing these filters is very important and since these components of your machine are relatively inexpensive, there is no excuse not to swap them out on a regular basis. By changing these filters on a consistent basis, you are able to avoid the problems that are typically associated with an unclean device. If you are not changing your filters regularly, this also affects the air that you breathe.

It is recommended that CPAP machine users change their disposable filters on a monthly basis. If your machine is covered by health insurance, then they may be willing to provide you with new filters on a biweekly schedule. Those who are using non disposable should be changing them every six months.

4) How Do I Change The Filters?

The process is simpler than most realize and by taking a closer look at the back of the CPAP machine, you can find where the filtration system is located. While there are a number of different brands and machines available, the vast majority of the filtration systems that you encounter will be located in the back. As for machines that use both types of filters? The reusable filter needs to be placed inside first to absorb all of the air particles.


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