The 5 Main Benefits Of CPAP Face Masks

cpap masksWhile there are many who rely on CPAP nasal pillow masks and nasal masks for their needs, CPAP face masks continue to grow in popularity and for very good reason. They provide a number of benefits to the user that a nasal mask or nasal pillow masks cannot replicate and for those who cannot breathe through their nose as they sleep, they are a godsend.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of CPAP face masks, so that those who are in the market for a proper mask are able to make the right decision for themselves or their loved ones. Be sure to read on and learn more before you decide on a style of mask.

1) Mouth Breathers, Unite!

The nasal mask styles may work well for those who are able to breathe through their nose as they sleep, but they are not ideal for the mouth breathers out there. That's why face masks are so important for these patients and if you are someone who is not getting results from the usual nasal mask, it behooves you to find out more about the other mask types that are available to you. The chinstrap and nasal mask combination does not work for everyone.

2) Perfect For Allergy Sufferers

If you are someone who would like to be able to breathe through your nose and is unable to do because of allergies, a face mask offers you a new option that you may not have had the chance to consider. There are also patients who suffer from various nasal obstructions and these patients tend to benefit most from the use of a face mask. These masks are also helpful to those who are suffering from cold symptoms.

3) Assistance For Claustrophobic Patients

You might have thought that the nasal masks would be the top choice of all claustrophobic patients, but this is actually a misnomer. The nasal masks and nasal pillows touch areas of the face that are more likely to bother a claustrophobic patient. Since the nasal masks touch the bridge of the nose (as well as the upper lip), they are not the preferred choice of those who have been known to suffer from claustrophobia.

4) Best Used In High Pressure Settings

Patients who need to set their CPAP machines to the highest levels in order to receive the desired results are better off using face masks than nasal masks. Since the face mask comes with a much wider surface area, it allows the wearer to experience less pressure. Meanwhile, other masks cause the person wearing them to experience far more direct pressure and this makes them less than palatable to patients who require high pressure settings as they sleep.

5) Works Well For Back Sleepers

While a patient who sleeps on their side will usually get better results out of a nasal mask, a patient who sleeps on their back will typically prefer a face mask. They come with added support and several extra straps, allowing the mask to stay in place even for the most restless of sleepers.


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