Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

The new Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine boasts a lightweight design, even offering an optional battery pack to ensure travel ease.  Bluetooth options make downloading your therapy data a breeze!

Part Number: HD60-1007

This product has been discontinued.


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Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Manufacturer: Human Design Medical

Content of Package: Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine, carrying pouch, 4ft tubing, 2 filters, micro USB, instructions

Description: The new Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine allows you to keep moving without having to worry about missing therapy.  With its sleek design, the discreet Z1 can be easily packed away into a carry on for transport.  Standard features such as leak compensation, ramp adjustment and automatic altitude adjustment make the Z1 just as effective as standard sized machines.  Bluetooth technology gives you the option to use a Nitelog app, tracking your therapy data to review with your doctor.  This CPAP auto works through the night, matching your breathing pressure to ensure comfortable yet effective therapy.  An optional battery pack means you can take your Z1 with you wherever you go, offering greater freedom and a better rest.  Please note that the Nitelog app is not included with purchase and can only be used with the Apple iPhone or iPad.

Product Reviews for Human Design Medical Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine


Mysteries Solved. (What you & HDM need to know.)

Summary Recommendation: First replace the narrow slimline hoses. Get a 1' standard diameter hose for the Qtube muffler in advance. Then run the Z1 15 to 20 hours before trying to actually use it. Then and only then, it be a good travel CPAP.


Small and lightweight. Although the muffler adds a little more bulk, see noise discussion below.

Temporary Negative:

Noise issue: The outside of the Z1 is very quiet and not the source of the widely reported noise problem. Many have reported a serious noise coming through the hose. I agree, at first there was a loud whirring noise coming from the air supply. Night 1, I could not sleep at all with the noise, and switched CPAPs. Night 2, I got 3+ hours of sleep before switching back to my regular CPAP. At that point, I gave up and resolved to return it. Night 3, I skipped it completely. Night 4, my wife convinced me to try again, and I got all the way through the night. Night 5 was good, and the Z1 did not seem as loud. The next morning, the whirring sound was essentially gone. The rushing air sound was about the same as my older S8 CPAP. So, after 20+ hours of use, the obnoxious whirring noise, had ended. Note that some new motors or blowers will do this till the bearings ‘wear-in’ or ‘run-in’ and the metal to metal bearing friction ends. I believe that is what happened. Improved quality control or a break-in procedure would solve many noise complaints.

Qtube muffler: That is marginal at best, and did little or nothing for the whirring bearing noise. After finding and connecting a standard diameter 1' hose, the Qtube seems to help a little with the rushing air sound.


Air restriction: To make a small system, the small air output and delicate looking adapter are apparently needed. But the narrow diameter slimline tubes are simply stupid in my opinion. I am a 190 lb. adult male with good lung capacity. At first, I found myself inhaling so hard that I was literally fighting for air. (Try this: Stand or sit while holding a good flexable silicone mask loosely with one hand. Run the CPAP and breathe normally. A good cpap will cause slight flexing of the mask. The Z1 flexing / pulsing was tremendous at first.) I got rid of the slimline hoses on both the mask and muffler, and that helped a lot. Once the motor bearings ‘wore-in’, air flow improved to maybe 90% of ideal. There is still some pulsing of the air, but now it is similar to my older S8, and very tolerable. With the mask strapped on, pulsing is hard to detect. The Airsense 10 is so smooth that it makes both the other CPAPs seem crude. But the Airsense 10 is not small or light for travel. After many setting adjustments, it is now set for APAP-2, 8.0 to 9.0 cm, zero ramp.

Air Flow bottom line. Get rid of the slimline hose(s), and the remaining small air outlet is not a big deal. Regular diameter short hoses can be found online (try CPAP2U). With a regular diameter hose, and the required motor ‘wear-in’, air flow is good for a large male with good lung capacity. It is not smooth as silk like the ResMed Airsense 10, but it is perfectly adequate for travel.

Voltage requirement: At the same time as receiving the Z1, I also received a 12V DC lithium-ion power supply which I wanted to use for power outages. The included HDM 110v AC power supply puts out about 15v DC. 12+v DC from a car cigarette lighter receptacle also works if the battery is good. But below 11.9v DC, the Z1 will simply shut down. The Z1 requires 12v to 15v DC, and do not try to feed it anything less than a full12v. Some of the modern 12v battery operated power supplies do not produce 12v after a very short usage time. Just be aware that a solid 12v up to 15v is needed for DC operation. The overpriced HDM 12v DC plug adapter does nothing to boost or stabilize low voltage to a usable level, but it does have a heavier wire gauge, so that will help a little with a declining 12v battery. I did not try the HDM battery system.

Electronics / Reading Data. You can set CPAP vs APAP, pressures (half cm increments), ramp time, and exhalation relief using the machine buttons. The clinical manual can be found online. You Can Not read results with the machine buttons. That is a problem. If you want to read your results, you must connect to a smart phone or windows computer. The Android app is unchanged in 2 full years since it’s first release, and has one of the worst Android App ratings. If you only use the Z1 for limited travel, then maybe reading results is not important. So far, I have not tried either electronic connection, but will eventually do so.


Size and weight are terrific, especially compared to my first CPAP 20 years ago.

Noise starts out being terrible. But after 20+ hours of ‘run-in / wear-in’, the ‘whirring’ noise problem ended on this Z1. Ditching the small diameter / slimline hose also helped for noise and was required for air flow. For my wife, there is no ‘outside noise’ issue. The Qtube muffler may not be worth the money or bulk.

Air restriction was a problem at first. Again, the blower motor ‘wear-in’ time and conversion to standard diameter air hoses were both required. New out of the box, with the small diameter hose, it was like breathing through a towel or two. Now my Z1 air flow is good, and similar to my older ResMed S8 Elite, but not great like the Airsense 10.

Voltage requirements are probably only a problem if you plan to camp or use a backup with an external battery. A full 12-15v DC is required. If you only travel to places with stable AC power like hotels, then this is not an issue.

Additional required electronics is a negative. I want to read AHI once in a while, and am not happy a computer and/or smart phone (with a bad app) is required.

Final Conclusion: At first, I decided to send the Z1 back. Now after 9 nights of partial or full use, and the above changes, I will keep it. It gets 4 stars because it is so small, light, and yes, now quiet. It will be good for travel, but not as a substitute for an Airsense 10 at home. The Qtube muffler might get returned, and a backup Z1 to air hose adapter will be ordered.

- Phil

Submitted on December 2, 2017


This is a great travel machine very lightweight.

- Paul S, PA

Submitted on February 15, 2017


This machine is a life saver, I travel all over the world for business and I use this on the plane,and hotel, I no longer have to carry my heavier machine. It's great

- Katie G, TX

Submitted on April 6, 2015


This is a perfect machine to travel. Fits right in my travel bag.

- Robin M.

Submitted on April 2, 2015

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