About CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct

CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct is a distributor of CPAP products and related equipment. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, we have grown to become one of the leading worldwide distributors of Sleep Apnea related equipment on the internet. Our storefront is open to serve our local customers on a daily basis.


Since its inception, CPAP Supplies has been committed to providing its patients with the best equipment at the lowest prices. With the growing costs of healthcare, many people no longer have adequate healthcare coverage to supply them with the equipment they need for a healthy night's sleep. CPAP Supplies provides the equipment at deeply discounted rates so the proper therapy is affordable for CPAP users. Typically, products are sold for less than half of what is charged at a local homecare store.


All products are brand new and come directly from the manufacturer with full warranties. No used equipment is ever bought or sold through CPAP Supplies.


Our business is CPAP equipment, period. We possess the knowledge and expertise in CPAP that most homecare companies lack. Our highly trained and dedicated customer service representatives are able to troubleshoot any situation that may arise. If they cannot solve a particular problem, they have the equipment manufacturers at their fingertips for assistance. Also, when you call during regular business hours, you will never get a recording or a voice mailbox. You will always speak with a live customer service representative.


If you are tired of constantly paying high prices for equipment, frustrated with the lack of service your current provider is offering, or would just like a single, one stop shop for all of your CPAP needs, then give CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct a call today.


We will provide you with the service you deserve!