CPAP Filters

Medicare as well as most priviate insurance carriers have guidelines associated with replacement filter as well as other CPAP related supplies. Contrary to popular opinion, these guidelines for replacement CPAP Filters is very generous. One reason for this generosity is that by replacing items such as filters, tubing, masks etc. other more serious complications may be avoided. One of the most serious complications can be respiratory infection, which could result in a lengthy hospital stay.

Recommended CPAP Filter (Disposable) change is 15 days. If you are using a reusable poly foam CPAP filter, this filter should be washed in a warm water and mild soap solution every 15 days.

Manufacturers such as  Respironics use two different types of filters with many of their machines. The Ultra Fine CPAP Filter is usually white in color, and used in conjunction with the  poly foam filter. The Ultra Fine filter is a disposable product which is intended to capture small contaminants which the poly foam filter was unable to capture.

Other manufacturers such as  ResMed use a filter which contains the porperties of both filter. They are disposable filters - not to be washed and reused.

Most CPAP Machines require very little scheduled maintenance. One item that does however need to be changed on a regular basis is the filter or filters. Most machines use at least one, poly foam, washable, re-usable filter. The filter is usually located on the back of the machine. Respironics and Puritan-Bennett provide a re-usable filter with their machines, while ResMed and Fisher & Paykel provide disposable filters with their machines.
CPAP Filters should be changed every 15 days depending on your environment. Once a month you should inspect your filters to ensure they are not discolored and full of debris. If your filter appears to be in good shape, simply place the filter back into the machine and continue use. If however the filter appears to be worn or discolored, wash (if re-usable) or replace.
By replacing CPAP Filters on a regular basis you will insure proper operation of your CPAP Machine and prevent harmful contaminants from entering your body.

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