Nasal vs. Dilator Pillows


There are numerous nasal pillow mask options available on our website, but many users find some of their components confusing.  With different sizes and options for your pillow option, it is good to ensure you’re informed before making a decision on which is best for your needs.  Both nasal and dilator pillows are effective for delivering your CPAP therapy, so it is really up to your personal preference which you choose.


Nasal Pillows

Nasal pillows are most often made from a soft, silicone material so there is no uncomfortable pressure placed on the nose.  They come on four sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) to ensure the best fit possible for any user, and many masks come with more than one size included.  Nasal pillows are shorter than dilator pillows, not penetrating as far into the nostrils.


Dilator Pillows

Dilator pillows are constructed a bit differently from nasal pillows.  With a deeper design, they extend more deeply into the nasal passage.  While some users find this creates a better seal to guard against pressure leaks, just as many find the design less comfortable than nasal pillows.  Dilator pillows often come in three sizes (small, medium, large) to ensure the most secure fit possible.


Color Coding

Small - Blue


Medium - Clear


Large - Green


Extra Large - Lavender


Small Dilator - Yellow


Medium Dilator - White


Large Dilator - Grey