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Below you will find some links to various articles and other educational information regarding Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy. CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct welcomes any questions you may have regarding CPAP or Sleep Apnea. Please send all inquiries and report any broken links to

The American Sleep Apnea Association
This website provides great information for people who wish to learn more about sleep apnea and CPAP and how they affects peoples' lives.

Asleep at the Wheel?
A good pamphlet that talks about the signs of people who may be suffering from sleep apnea and what to do about it. (Pamphlet in PDF format.)

Tips for Traveling with your CPAP Machine
Complete list of practical traveling tips with your CPAP equipment.

Myths and Facts about Sleep
The real truth behind the misconceptions regarding sleep apnea and common habits.

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