Puritan Bennett

Respiratory Products for Nearly a Century

Puritan Bennett’s role as a provider of respiratory products goes back almost a century, when the original company began as a medical gas supplier. Today, Puritan Bennett holds a premier position in all aspects of medical gas delivery, highlighted by its top-of-the-line mechanical ventilators for intubated patients.

In addition to critical care ventilation, Puritan Bennett has a repertoire of well-designed medical devices that serve patients outside the acute care environment. Puritan Bennett is a leading supplier of portable ventilation, oxygen therapy systems, sleep diagnostic and sleep therapy equipment, spirometry and other respiratory care products. As a manufacturer and supplier of critical care products, Puritan Bennett offers customers an exceptional level of customer service and technical support, and offers clinicians a wealth of clinical education resources.

From Intensive Care to Comprehensive Care

Puritan Bennett continues to lead the way in critical care ventilation. The 840™ Ventilator System, the 700™ Series Ventilator and the 7200® Series Ventilators are universally used in intensive care units throughout the world. The modular and upgradeable 840 Ventilator platform can be used with neonatal through adult patients. Healthcare providers appreciate the flexibility of using one model of ventilator for all patients needing ventilatory support, while administrators appreciate the cost savings of fleet consolidation.

Patients who need respiratory support inside or outside the hospital can count on Puritan Bennett for the right product to meet their needs. The dependable Achieva® ventilator offers portability for patients requiring long-term ventilator support. The KnightStar® 330 Bi-Level® Ventilator delivers noninvasive treatment for patients with respiratory insufficiency, respiratory failure or sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea patients will appreciate the extremely small and light GoodKnight® 420 CPAP System, which is complemented by the Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP Interface System—a breakthrough in comfort. For ambulatory patients requiring long-term oxygen therapy, our HELiOS® Personal Oxygen System gives patients unprecedented freedom and mobility.

In addition to therapeutic devices, Puritan Bennett has products that aid clinicians in diagnosing sleep and respiratory disorders. Our wide range of sleep diagnostic equipment includes the sophisticated Sandman Elite® Software system with advanced 16- to 64-channel capabilities. For assessing pulmonary function with ease, the portable Renaissance® II Spirometry System features a large, real-time graphic display.

Puritan Bennett Timeline of Events

1913: Puritan Bennett enters into the emerging medical gas industry.

1940: Ray Bennett creates a novel gas delivery mechanism, a jeweled pneumatic valve—the "valve that breathes with the patient." Bennett’s innovation led to the development of generations of mechanical ventilators, including the MA-1 volume ventilator, a breakthrough device that virtually replaced the “iron lung” machines of the past.

1995: Nellcor Inc. acquires Puritan Bennett. The newly expanded company is renamed Nellcor Puritan Bennett.

1997: Nellcor Puritan Bennett becomes a part of Mallinckrodt Inc., a multibillion-dollar medical products company with product lines in respiratory care, diagnostic imaging and analgesic pharmaceuticals.

2000: Tyco International Ltd. acquires Mallinckrodt to become a Tyco Healthcare Company. Nellcor and Puritan Bennett, as part of Mallinckrodt, market their original respiratory product lines and manage separate sales forces.