Respironics is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the global sleep and respiratory markets. The Company’s success spans more than three decades and can be traced to a history deeply rooted in ingenuity and a passion to deliver solutions to those in need. This tradition of innovation, combined with an ability to anticipate market needs, is fundamental to the Company. It has made Respironics a name acknowledged worldwide as a pace-setter in the sleep and respiratory markets.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the base for the sleep and respiratory division of Respironics. Through this division Respironics has created many different styles and types of CPAP Masks to delivery CPAP therapy in a comfortable method. The creation of the Comfort series, i.e.  Comfort GelComfort SelectComfort Lite 2, and Comfort Classic, has allowed Respironics to maintain patient loyalty through this affordable CPAP mask line. Most of the CPAP Masks in the Comfort Series can be purchased for under $100.

In addition to the Comfort Series, Respironics has created a line of CPAP Machines which has reduced the overall size and weight of the CPAP machine by approximately 50%. The new Respironics  CPAP line is known as the  M Seriesand has been received with open arms by the CPAP community. The base model of the Respironics line of CPAP Machines is known as the Remstar Plus. The Remstar Plus is a basic CPAP Machine without any “extras” designed for the patient without any special needs. The Remstar Plus is available with CFLEX or without, depending on patient comfort needs. 
C-Flex is a revolutionary new technology in Respironics REMstar® family of CPAP devices that provides a more comfortable treatment for sleep apnea. It's an ideal first-line treatment to ensure better Acceptance, Comfort and Results.
The difference is the C-Flex waveform: a better way to deliver sleep therapy that takes the work out of exhalation. To do this, C-Flex tracks – and reacts to – every breath throughout the night. This gives the device the ability to make breath-by-breath adjustments to ensure the optimal level of pressure relief during exhalation to deliver more comfortable therapy.
Respironics also carries more sophisticated machines know as APAP and BiPAP. Machines in these categories allow for varying pressure and comfort features. Typically machines in these two categories are suggested for patients who have had difficulty in adjusting to standard CPAP therapy.
Each of the Respironics CPAP machines can be used with a humidification device known as a humidifier. These devices can be  Passover humidifiers or  heated humidifiers. A Passover humidifier is a chamber of water which the CPAP machine circulates water over. Through the evaporation process, moisture is added into the CPAP circuit. Heated humidifiers gently heat the water contained in the chamber. This process allows for a higher evaporation level, which adds significantly higher level of moisture to the CPAP circuit.

Through their many channels of distribution, Respironics has been very successful in helping patients with all of their Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) needs. Patients are able to purchase their CPAP Supplies through internet sites for a fraction of the cost of local homecare dealers. Respironics manufacturers’ items such as: CPAP Headgear,  CPAP Tubing and  miscellaneous CPAP Supplies which enables patients to obtain replacement parts and CPAP supplies with very little effort.
The Respironics Corporation has published a statement of social responsibility which reads as follows: Respironics believes in supporting the communities in which our associates live and work. By participating in local charities—either through charitable donations or active involvement—or in global relief efforts, the Company seeks to engage in activities that contribute to the overall health and well being of the communities that we serve.

The Respironics brand is know world wide and is available various distribution channels. For more information about Respironics visit:

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