SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve

SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve

SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve

This device allows you to momentarily stop air pressure from the CPAP to the mask, allowing you to drink, speak, or cough during CPAP therapy.

Part Number: 7710

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SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve

Manufacturer: SleepSense

Contents of Package: One EZ Talk CPAP Valve

Description: By flicking a switch, air flow can temporarily between the CPAP Mask without deactivating the CPAP Machine. You can have a sip of water, cough, or say goodnight to a significant other. This unit is to be placed between the mask swivel and the CPAP tubing.

Product Reviews for SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve


This product is great! It offers relief for when you have to cough, talk, or even drink water. I no longer have to take my mask off to talk to my wife!

- Brian T.

Submitted on August 12, 2015

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